Write here your wish use cases

Outwave’s final goal is to give to users a toolkit for creating and managing NFT with their attached utilities. While we are focused on the development and on the technical aspects of the project, our fear is that we could miss or not understand correctly what could be your primary use case for managing your communities through NFT.

While everyone is different, we need to collect as much feedback and requests to make sure we deliver what could be used immediately instead of focusing on features that can be adopted lately.

Please write down what will be your must-be-done feature and why you think is important.

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Hi all!
It’s the first time for me joining this world and I don’t know really too much about it, but I love the idea and I wanna give some personal feedback about it.
As the creator of the event would be great if I could offer free entries to people or simply create gifts to promote my event in my community.
Thanks all


Hi PaperNoise, welcome on board, for free entries and gifts do you mean airdrop NFTs to some of your fans specifically targeted by the organizer?
Interesting proposal btw, thanks for the tip.

Hey, first post here :slight_smile:

What if a ticket holder decides to lend their ticket to others?
Let’s imagine a holder cannot go to the event but decide to lend it to someone in the community. Would it be possible to do that?

It could be helpful to strengthen the sense of community :thinking:

Hello Aneres, the simplest way to achieve is to transfer the NFT ticket. MetaMask supports NFT transfers in a ERC20 style so it’s very simple to just send your NFT to an other address.
Alternatively you can sell it on an open market such as Opensea.

Anyway the protocol we are using supports lending in a way that the owner of an NFT can decide to lend and unless the token to a given address. This can be useful in many scenarios when the token retains its utility after one or many uses like DAO or community membership.

So @astrobloke what a users should do to land a ticket? I imagine that @Aneres wanted to know what are the steps, especially if the ticket has a purpose after the event, let’s say I want to give my friend access but I want to retain the POAP after. What should I do? do I have to pay transactions?

With the current system you can’t lend the NFT, let a friend burn it and receive the newly minted token yourself, it will go to your friend’s wallet.
Note that we are reviewing our smart contract architecture and removing the key burner and our POAP like tokens (this is really new but basically we realized that the act of burning ticket NFTs was an obsolete expedient that is no longer needed).

In the new architecture lending will be natively supported by the smart contracts:

  • I buy a NFT ticket

  • I lend it to a friend

  • friend claims the qr code ticket and obliterate the NFT ticket which is not burnt

  • I “unlend” my obliterated NFT and retain its full ownership

Please note that at first there will be no UI for this use case, but it would be trivial to implement it since it’s supported by Outwave smart contracts. A really capable user could still use lending by interacting directly with the contracts but of course is not something we expect people to do so eventually UI and good UX will come for requested use cases.

Does it really make sense to lend redeemable tickets?
I could understand the use case for the non-redeemable ones, but as long as the NFT ticket needs to be claimed it would be much easier to just send the QR-Code, which it would be easier and less complicated (I would imagine most users won’t be very well versed in web3 at the start).
Unless a double validation is in place (QR-Code and blockchain) it does’t really makes sense.

Lending for non redeemable NFT would probably make more sense, but I’m not sure it would be a welcomed addition.
Just like Netflix doesn’t like people sharing their accounts I would imagine sharing the benefit of a non redeemable NFT could be a source of problems.
Will lending be a mandatory feature for all NFT Tickets?

Hi @Matteo I basically agree with you here, but we must consider all the options here.
We need to make the transition as smooth as possible to everyone if we want that users feel not threaten by NFT.
Right now if you cant go to an event, you lend the ticket not download the QR code, do the registration and lend the access. furthermore you can lend your membership (subscription to some events) for a single event to someone, at least if the organizers want you to do it.

I agree with @Matteo, as the only use case that I can see in landing your ticket is covered by sending the QR Code to that user, which we already have in place.

Hey guys here is my first drop maybe an idea for the near future. I would like to see an nft for an event that it will combine everything…But that would be huge though. For example lets say I live in UK and the event take place in Amsterdam will be nice to use the nft for my transportation for these specific days, also hotel etc. of course included the tickets for the event. But as I said that require a huge work development, corporations etc… but I think is a nice idea. I will come back of course with some use cases that we need in our events atm.

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Also the ability to organize events through metaverse and maybe somehow we can collaborate the users in dao with each other. For example lets say that I have a land somewhere in metaverse and another person lets say wants to organize a rave party into this. I think that is another good option and feature for users through outwave.io

Actually, @Markellos_Raptis has a valid point here.
Currently, outwave has been built on the idea that users shall define the needed utility and then create a specific NFT for it.

But, from what is emerging with the collected feedback, users want to create (or import existing) an NFT and eventually add one or multiple utilities that could also change in time.

This idea is more flexible, and it allows more sperimentation.
I will try to create some proposals on this in a new thread.

Yeap that sounds good

Hi there :slight_smile:

I’m hoping this forum is still active! I’m currently researching use cases for decentralized platforms such as Polygon etc for the development of event sites, music studios and other models, which could be developed in a metaverse, in order to help users plan, develop and visualize a project digitally before they carry on to build in real life.

Benefits could potentially be seen in areas such as:

  • Funding
  • Design Thinking
  • User Experience
  • Workflow
  • Marketing

I am in the early stages of this project with much more to learn and many more conversations to be had. If anyone is anyway interested in what I have mentioned please get in touch! I will come back and check this page but I can be contacted directly at vealermusic@gmail.com

Love these forums! I look forward to chatting about this again

Hello @Darragh_Veale and welcome :slight_smile:
The forum is active and the team is getting ready for the next wave of development.
In this month (January 2023), we have many new updates that we will share in the next day in a new topic:

  • we have raised capital for the new features development
  • we are considering a rebranding, due to new partnerships

If we are a little too quiet, it’s because we getting ready for a big launch :rocket:


Hey Miro,

I’m very happy to hear this! I’ll be following closely and would love to keep in touch. There is potential that I could change my thesis topic to a case study of how these platforms could benefit the development of an artist or community.

If so, I might come to outwave for much inspiration etc! We have an exciting year ahead.

I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next :slight_smile: