Who am I: Miro, outwave's founder (now ucollect.me)

If we want people to onboard on this project, I think our readers deserve to know who is behind outwave’s (now ucollect.me) idea and why we are creating this project.

I’m Miro, and I’m writing from Milano, Italy. I was never a fan of social sites, but I keep updating my profile and connection only on my LinkedIn profile.
I have almost 20 years of experience in software development, and as an entrepreneur, I have created IT companies where I work daily with great and talented colleagues.

After doing enterprise software for so many years, I was letterly thrilled when I discovered web3 and specifically what decentralization can bring to us and how it can disrupt monopolies created by big organizations and tech companies.

To dive deeper into this technology, we needed a project that:

  • will allow us to learn how blockchain works on the protocol level and give us the opportunity to acquire a competence that, in the next future, will definitely open up tons of opportunities. For this reason, I have started demind.io which is taking care of the technical aspects of the project
  • will allow us to create something that will give real value to users. Users must be able to own their data and connection and not feel stuck in yet another platform.

On the other side, I acknowledge that we cannot reach the final goal of this project only by ourselves. The initial team is composed of believers, coders, and tech enthusiasts, but we will need community’s feedback to make outwave(now ucollect.me) a successful project for everyone.

I hope you will join us on this journey.

(updated to reflect the new project’s name)