UCollectMe developer update

Hello everyone,

We’re excited to share some updates on our efforts to make our web3 platform as accessible and user-friendly as possible for more expert users and web2 ones. Our focus has been on making things easy and smooth for everybody, so we’re especially excited to share some improvements we’ve made to the homepage, the settings related to the creation of a post, and the NFT utility selection.

So, let’s dive into the details! The UCollect platform will have three main access levels: Creator, User, and Visitor. Each of these profiles has different abilities, restrictions, and access levels. For instance, Visitors can only see a creator’s public feed and will need to subscribe to access more content and subscribe to memberships.

But let’s focus on the Creator’s Interface, for now, and I’ll show you all the features from a User’s perspective in a future post!

First, let’s talk about logging in. We wanted to make this step as quick and easy as possible for both web3 and less experienced users. We decided to go for the social login, which would have ensured a seamless experience for both of them. How?

Users who already have a wallet can log in through it. Currently we support MetaMask and Coinbase Wallet. And for those who don’t have a wallet, they can simply log in using their email or Google account.

We’ve indeed implemented an on-platform tool that lets users create wallets directly on the platform without needing to download any third-party widgets or wallets. Plus our platform offers a convenient option for users who don’t own cryptocurrencies to purchase them using traditional payment methods right before NFT checkout through our wallet. This means you can pay for NFT purchases using your credit card, debit card, or instant bank ACH, without the need for crypto or fiat on-ramps. How cool is that?

For the more experienced users, here is the link to the tool we are using, if you want to know more about it :slight_smile:

I’ll leave here a screenshot to give you a better idea:

Once you’re logged into the platform, you can access your profile and creator space. Users can add their profile picture, name, and bio, while creators can add a name, description, and social links to their Creator Space. This is an important feature to help creators describe better what they do, intrigue new supporters, and help their loyal fans find them more easily on the platform.

Click on the screenshots to make them bigger!

And now, let’s see where the magic happens.
Once logged in, you can access the feed, whether you are a creator or a user. What’s the feed?
The feed is a scrollable page where all the memberships and NFTs are posted.

From top to bottom, you’ll find a button to create a new membership, a link to the insights, the profile section, and the logout button.

You’ll also see a banner with the selected creator’s profile picture and links to filter the feed, and just under it… well, welcome to the feed!

From left to right, users can see the total activity on the creators’ profiles: how many posts they have created, how many perks have been claimed, and how many supporters they have. They will also see the most useful links, such as mail, social links, and personal website. There will also be a bio of the creator.

In the middle, creators can start a new post quickly – we will see it more specifically later – and the scrollable feed. As you might have noticed, the first post appears unlocked, whereas the followings are “locked”.

What does it mean?

This example screenshot means that the hypothetic user has the right to access the first content because they already claimed it. In contrast, they still have to claim the following by purchasing the right membership that grants access to it.

Finally, on the right, we have placed useful links to navigate the platform better and some links to the About Page, the Accessibility, and so on.

What can creators share by clicking the “Start a new Post” section?

They can share their content, which memberships users need to access the content and the PERKS.

Perks are the utility creators can add to their memberships, the effective things users pay for - a downloadable picture, a video, a secret code, a meeting, a file, a link… anything you can think of!

Think of membership as a box with a certain value. As a creator, you can create as many boxes as you want for different prices to accommodate the different needs of your fans. You now have to fill these boxes with content that matches your chosen value. And you can do it from the “Create a post” feature.

We’ve simplified the creation of a post by removing unnecessary steps and making the settings more straightforward. The more engaging and valuable your content and perks will be, the higher the possibility that users decide to purchase the membership to access it!

Last but not least… let’s talk about creating a membership. Simply click the “Create Membership” button at the top right of the feed, and you’ll be redirected to the following page.

Now, you can see an example that is already filled in.

On the left, creators can add the cover image of the membership. It can also be generated through the AI if they have nothing ready. In the middle, creators can add all the details of the membership.
Name, how long it will last, how many memberships will be available, and the price. Before launching it, the platform will do a recap, and if the creator is satisfied, they can launch it immediately or save it as a draft.

Since I might have written a poem already, I’ll leave some details for the next posts, where we will see in detail how the claim of the NFTs work and all things related.

We’re confident that these updates will make a significant difference to our creators and are committed to improving our UX and UI. As always, we value your feedback and suggestions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any thoughts or ideas on how we can make our platform even better!


The improvements you’ve made to the homepage, post creation settings, and NFT utility selection are all very thoughtful, and it’s great to see you striving to make the platform easy and convenient for both experienced and novice users alike.
One thing that stands out to me is the ability for users to create their wallets directly on the platform. This is a great feature that can help simplify the onboarding process for new users and encourage wider adoption of the platform.

It’s clear that you and your team are dedicated to making UCollect a platform that users will love to use, and I’m excited to see how it continues to evolve in the future. Keep up the great work!


Hello Sarah,
I think you have nailed it: we are putting a lot of effort into designing a user experience that removes most of the web3 complications. The idea we are pursuing is that ucollect.me should hide all the complications related to blockchain and be the app where you can do everything with a single click.

@Raffaele keep updating this post with additional UI preview :slight_smile:

Thanks for the share! Are you going to share more screenshots?

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