Rebranding and launch of

We have reimagined Outwave and secured investments to launch our new platform, Our focus remains on NFT utilities and membership but with a broader target audience. As we update the current Outwave codebase, we are experimenting with different user personas to determine the optimal target audience.

Our project plan entails dedicating the next months to developing and making the first version live. Then, we will pursue the next round of funding to ensure the project longevity required.

The Web3 industry is still relatively new, and the market has a lot of noise. We want to ensure our project stands out and is easily recognizable among competitors and that can deliver valuable utilities to implement NFT Memberships.

We have also replaced the Outwave forum with the Ucollect community forum to align with our new platform.

We are excited to work with everyone on this project to create a Web3 platform that truly reflects our projectโ€™s identity and vision. If anyone has any questions or concerns, please donโ€™t hesitate to reach us directly or through this community forum.

Fantastic news, Miro! Thank you for the update.

Do you have a date in mind on the roadmap where users will have the ability to log in and create an NFT for themselves?

I have just created a new topic announcing our release date: - launching date

The first version is focused on launching the platform and attaching utilities to the existing NFT Collection. Minting through the platform will be prioritized once we go live, but we will allow importing any erc721 NFT in Ucollect.

In the meantime, if you want to launch a new nft collection and need support or suggestions, just feel free to open a new topic, and we will help you.