Multiple Utilities to NFTs - Outwave's next major update

From the feedback we have collected in these last months, we have learned a lot and acknowledged many errors in the project’s original idea.
We wrongly thought every outwave feature should have been specifically related to events, starting from ticketing.

After stressing our idea with artists, creators, and event organizers, we acknowledge that:

  • event organizers don’t want to be fully committed exclusively to events and tickets.
  • creators and organizations want tailor-made utilities for many specific and different use cases.
  • users usually start with launching an NFT and adding one or more utilities in a second moment.

Outwave should open up to more widespread use cases, allowing user’s to experiment with multiple utilities. To accomplish this, users shall be able to launch an NFT in the simplest possible way and add multiple and different utilities while their community grows.

As users will provide special perks to their NFT holders, the following flowchart summarizes how users will interact with outwave to accomplish that:

As events will no longer be the primary outwave entity, the profile/organization page will also be updated to reflect how users will propose their perks to their NFT holders.
Just as an example, let me share a wireframe of a profile page where:

  • the creator’s community relies on 3 NFTs: Gold, Silver, and Bronze Token. These NFTs are used to provide perks and utilities to the community. Multiple utilities are grouped into perks
  • 2 perks are displayed. One is active, and the other one is expired
  • the creator shares a percentage of his earnings with the NFT holders. NFT holders are also backers of the creator’s project

Once the active perk is opened, all perks that can be claimed are displayed. NFT holders can only claim perks related to the NFT they hold.
As you can see, it is possible to mint three different NFTs, where each NFT collection provides specific utilities.

And that’s it for now!

While we are moving forward with the development of version 0.3.5, I wanted to share our thoughts on the next major update.

As always, feedback is more than welcome.

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I reckon that this could be the right path for developing further Outwave.
Customization is the key.

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Thanks for these updates @Miro sounds interesting:) The wireframe also looks quite clear and intuitive, so basically an organization could launch different nft/tokens and what you are working toward is that customizable utilities could be attached. But if for example the membership gives -80% on a ticket as in your example, where could this be reedemed? Could this be a code for an external platform for example and would it also still be possible to create an nft that serves just as a ticket…?

Also I see that up on the right of the organization there’s a link to members. would there be a full list of members and is it planned that the members can interact somehow? I know it’s not a top priority in this update but I was just wondering about this because from the structure it seems like other members would potentially be visible

Hi @sophie sure thing the NFT tickets could still be created , just will be one of the utility, like access pass.
About the member, would you like to be visible as a member? what you think? Should all the members have the possibility to interact?

The final goal of outwave will be to always provide the best utilities on the app and avoid users jumping from multiple sites to handle different utilities.
Said that, the nature of NFTs and the final goal of web3 and decentralization is that users own their data. This means that nobody (including outwave) can’t lock any assets on the platform. Users can interact with other apps (or smart contracts) to apply discounts or mint/sell tickets wherever they want or can.

Outwave has already implemented a lightweight ticketing solution and in this specific case, it can be easily attached as a utility.

The idea here is to list wallet addresses that have successfully interacted with the NFTs of a specific organization. The goal is to provide more credibility to a particular organization if many wallet addresses have interacted with it.
This is a quite simple feature to develop, which can result in useful.

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I think it could be really interesting to have members visible:) I think what @Miro said about providing credibility is a very valid point, also I believe this feature could also help to encourage interactions & get to know the community around an organization if someone is for example new in it. if we think of outwave as a platform to create communities & interact with them through nfts, in my opinion it should maybe not be only a one-way from organization to members but maybe also in the other way or between members. for example also to transfer ownership (ticket swap) or to gift someone… or to find other people who are attending a certain event/getting a specific perk or so. it’s definitely something that could be explored

on the other side there might be members that don’t wanna be visible, I guess there could be reasons for that as well


@sophie member to member interaction is feasible and would be a nice addition, i agree with your points. One could use the platform to also engage with community members, maybe using an ad hoc page which could list all nfts, events, communities, etc for a given member. This is certainly feasible and something we would like to explore at some point.

on the other side there might be members that don’t wanna be visible, I guess there could be reasons for that as well

anonymity is always achievable in a blockchain since addresses are not linked to identities, so it will be up to the users if they want to use an address tied to a public identity (for example tied to a twitter account with their name on it) or not