Feedback from Event Industry - NFT tickets and utilities

Hi everyone, Davide here.
During the past months we sent a survey to Event organizers all around the world to better know the NFT understanding between them, and also to get ourselves an idea about what problems are the organizers facing about ticketing, and what are the obstacles, for them, to let NFTs enter their world.

To get you an idea about the landscape, we collected answer from Event Organizers, that host events with 200 to 1000 people, from Asia, Europe and South America.
Let me show you what we discovered.

  • First we wanted to understand the awareness of NFTs in the event industry and how well do they know about it. Itโ€™s impressive to see that 87% of event organizers have knowledge about NFTs. This means that is definitely a thing.

  • Then we explore the main problems that event organizers are facing with their tickets organization, anything from platform that they use to relationship with the buyers. Interesting to notice that 75% think that the ticket platforms are too expensive (for the size of the events). Also 50% of them have feeling to have poor or none relationship with their community.

  • So we asked what are the problem with the current ticketing platform system and an impressive 87% stated that are too expensive along with the 70% of them that said that they cannot control the secondary market, to ending up with the lack of customization.

  • At this point we asked other than tickets what they would like NFTs for. Meanings, if you would like to create NFTs for your event, what utilities would you like to give it? At this point 75% would like to create membership NFT to connect with their fans and 63% would like to attach content to their NFTs (download of videos of the event, records from it and more).

  • Then, of course, we wanted to understand if event organizers are willing to use the NFTs for their event and here, despite the fact that they are very interested in it, the majority of them have serious doubt about the possibility to use NFTs for their community.

  • Finally we asked why is that. What could be the challenges that they would face to introduce a NFT system for their events.
    Well here we see how scary new technologies can be, so that the 87% think that NFTs are too new to use it largely, 86% instead think that there could be an issue to manage the revenue in cryptocurrency, maybe for the lack of certainty? or for the lack of legislation around it?
    A few number but still consistent of 63% and 61% thinks that NFTs are still complicated to buy for users so it is paying in cryptocurrency.

We had some interesting insights from this and we would like to discuss with you all.
What you think about it?
Tell us your thoughts !

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Hi @Davide, thanks for the insights. Iโ€™m positively surprised to see such a high request for membership features. Itโ€™s gonna play an important role in Outwave future.
An other relevant insight from this research, imho, is that organizers arenโ€™t keen to embrace blockchain tech because they fear it may be too difficult to use for their users. This bit can be mitigated with a social login wallet, like which is going to be included in the next release.

Users will be able to choose between MetaMask and Sequence, the latter allows to log in with a favorite social (Twitter, Google, iCloud etc) in a web2 fashion.

Iโ€™m glad we started asking for more feedback from the community rather than continuing to develop features that we think will be needed by organizations and communities.
For now, It seems that core features should be memberships and crowdfunding.

We need more votes on our pool!

From what I understood everyone intend Membership NFT like something that incorporate Content NFT and Digital Twin NFT.
Because they want to deliver content and perks to everyone has a membership NFT. I reckon that the border line here is a bit faded and thinner than what we thought at the beginning.
The point is that a customization of NFT will be the key point, no matter what.

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very interesting results, thanks for sharing @Davide !

@astrobloke could you explain very briefly what sequence is and how it works? is it a platform where people have to make an account and then can log into outwave with itโ€ฆ?

hi @sophie Sequence is a smart wallet that allows users to connect to web3 without the worry of securing a seed and remembering yet another password. It uses social logins such as Twitter, Discord etc so there is no need to create a new account.
It works similar to MetaMask, as a popup in your browser and you have a lot of embedded features, for example if you are new to web3 and donโ€™t own any crypto you can purchase them directly inside your wallet with credit card. We think itโ€™s a big step towards welcoming users coming from traditional web.

You can try it here Sequence Wallet and here we a topic about the next release [Feature] - Smart Wallet integration - #3 by astrobloke

Thanks @sophie I reckon that the big take away from this is that there is desperate needs of personalizing the utilities to assign to the NFTs. IMHO

Hi, that sounds pretty cool:) So basically when a user wants to register/log in, next to metamask there will be the possibility of choosing sequence?

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yeah I think that makes sense. being able to self-manage communities and to interact with them through nfts in different ways seems in the center to me

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hi @sophie exactly, this is our new login screen:

we just release v0.3.5 [0.3.5] - Release date 02/12/2022


saw it, itโ€™s great! I think this is such an important step for the usability of the platform, thanks alot

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We reckon too.
we deffo needed some easy UX to make everything easier.