[Feature] - Smart Wallet integration

As anticipated here Onboard users with easy and non custodial wallets we are working on the Sequence wallet integration. We are now testing the integration to make sure it works as expected.

Sequence is a smart contract wallet, it adopts the well known EIP1271 and has a lot of advantages over a traditional Externally Owned Wallet like MetaMask:

  • social login with Twitter, Gmail, ICloud, Discord, Twitch, Email
  • built-in token swap with gassless transactions
  • you can buy crypto with debit and credit card
  • you can pay transactions with MATIC, ETH, USDC or DAI
  • NFT wallet
  • built-in bridge

MetaMask remains supported, you can now decide which wallet to use.

Glad to see this coming!
Let’s keep it a little more instructive for first-time users. I would suggest something like this:

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Nice, let’s do it. I would suggest also a link to the wallet app Sequence Wallet inside the navigation menu. Something like this:


This feature has been released with v0.3.5, now it’s even easier to start using Outwave!

Cool, let’s share a screenshot: