[Feature] - NFT as Membership : Token gating

From the many implementations that could be implemented following an NFT mint, membership could be developed relatively easily and, at the same time, remain very flexible to cover different use cases.
NFT membership is an NFT associated with a user (wallet) used to verify access to a digital or physical asset.

Using Membership NFT, outwave can allow a user to create a specific campaign to link an NFT to one or more elements, which can be viewed or downloaded.
By way of example, these are the possible use cases:

  • create a membership to access digital content, such as links, pdfs, videos, etc.
  • use membership as a purchase discount for other NFTs, such as tickets to an event

Memberships may have some optional parameters, such as:

  • an expiration date
  • the possibility of not making the NFT transferable from one wallet to another
  • the possibility of reducing the validity duration for each change of ownership. A useful feature to prevent an NFT membership from being passed from one user to another.

More information on this feature can be found on our docs: NFT Membership: create loyalty program for your community

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