Amsterdam Dance Event 2022 and interest in NFT

Hello everyone,
as Outwave, we went to ADE 2022 in October to expand our knowledge of the music industry, music NFT and to understand the industry interest in web3.

We were very positively surprised about the movement around NFT and blockchain, although the development around web3 is still in an early stage.

During our intensive 3 days there, we took part in 11 panels related to the blockchain with different content, from community to NFT music right, through live minting during DJ set.

We found very interesting that DJ’s like Richie Hawtin are experimenting a lot with NFTs and are pushing the boundaries of this technology.
Overall we noticed that NFTs applied to music are a perfect fit, and more labels, artists, and event organizers are heading that way.
It was tangible that everyone at ADE sees NFT and, more largely, web3 as the future of the industry, and for that reason, as Outwave, we want to be there now!

So from our ADE 2022 experience, we flew back with a bag-pack full of 11 productive talks and lots of contacts that we would like to explore and bring in into Outwave DAO.

We would try to get in touch with all the people that showed interest in Outwave during ADE 2022 and collect some feedback. Maybe they could join this forum and stress out our idea.

Hope to listen you all soon!


Yep, let’s collect some feedback from them.
I think music artists could directly benefit from the platform we are building, and, at the same time, they can provide us with some specific use cases that we can elaborate on.

I will also get in touch with some of them, and we can update this topic as soon as we collect more feedback from them.
Even better if they join the DAO and express their thoughts directly :grimacing: