[0.1.0 -> 0.3.0] - Release before going live with beta

This post is collection of pervious releases of outwave, before che actual public launch.
It helps users to read what and when things were accomplished on the project.
The changelog of the updates made after the live launch of the beta, are published by creating a topic for each release, to allow discussion

[0.1.0] - Release date 19/02/2022

  • Initial project infrastructure
  • EventManager solidity contract to enable managing events
  • Login with Ethereum implementation
  • Support to MetaMask wallet
  • Event creation wizard with guided steps

[0.2.0] - Release date 25/03/2022

  • Event ticket purchase with a native token (MATIC)
  • KeyBurner solidity contract to enable ticket claiming
  • Fast CDN to deliver images to Outwave contents
  • Editable personal profile page
  • Editable organization page

[0.3.0] - Private Beta - Release date 15/05/2022

  • QR Code validator for Gate Tickets
  • Support ERC20 event ticket purchase
  • Ability to burn a Ticket NFT and, in change, receive an POAP NFT and a Gate Ticket
  • Landing page with links to documentation and a lot of useful information
  • Public organization page , optimized for SEO and with a list of all organization’s events
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